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Inner Journeys Ecstatic Dance

Kylee Dawn & Daniel Boulos (Calgary AB)

Imagine the journey of becoming the Dance. Moving each cell, each molecule - creating space for the mind to relax and to let the body groove. Imagine a place of pure enjoyment, a deep presence with Self and smiling from the inside out.

Join Kylee Dawn and DJ Illementree, as they invite you to dive into the Ecstatic Freedom within You. Through facilitated movement, breathwork, sound and stillness, join us on this adventurous dance journey.

No dance experience necessary. Leave feeling inspired and uplifted.

Inspire. Expand. Freedom.


Kylee Dawn has a passion for the Inner Journey. Through trance dance, breathwork, sound and stillness, it all has its place for adventuring within. Kylee Dawn guides those into the heart, to awaken, activate and embrace knowing one’s being. Along her path, she has explored many modalities and mentors, which have empowered her to bring her own gifts to life. Kylee Dawn has been facilitating ecstatic trance dance and breathwork since 2006, is one of the founders of Inner Journeys; a certified Kundalini Dance Facilitator; a Reiki Master; a Transpersonal Breathwork Facilitator, and a Developmental Gymnastics Coach.


Dan Boulos aka illementree started his musical journey in the early 90s exploring the realms of classical music with his cello that quickly became an audible extension of his body, mind and soul. As the years past, Dan started organizing artistic collaboration events and composing his own musical productions. From downtempo, psychedelic IDM to full-on electro psychedelic trance, Dan moulds to his environment and takes you on multi dimensional ride, well above and beyond the usual experience.





Jaia Aquarian  (Vancouver BC)

VoiceBodyLove is an experience in full expression and deep listening.  Beginning with a playful vocal warm-up, lots of movement, group and partner exercises will light the fire for us to bring to the surface what is needing to be said, screamed or sung.


JAIAquarian is a vocalist, lyricist and dancer based in Vancouver, BC. As a spoken word artist and MC Jaia has released 3 cds, and often plays at festivals adding live vocals to the sets of producers and djs, including beatfarmer, Khan and Adham Shaikh. Jaia has been facilitating voice work for ten years.




Farren Assaly (Medicine Hat AB)

Nia is an exhilarating barefoot cardio workout combining martial arts, dance, and healing arts. Nia stimulates movement creativity by tapping the imagination and playful spirit in each of us. Nia sparks connections between the Body, Mind, Emotions and Spirit. Nia energizes and enlivens through the use of evocative images, sounding, and theatricality. Nia is not your typical fitness class! Nia is about moving the Body's Way. Through the practice of increasing awareness and paying attention to sensation, Nia teaches us to stay in the body, to LIVE in the body, to move freely in our bodies, and to choose pleasure over pain.... Always!

Nia is about accessing the pure joy!


Farren Assaly 

Blue Belt Nia Instructor, Chakra Yoga Teacher, Inner Journeys Facilitator, Dancer of Life.

Farren has been embracing the world of Yoga for 10 years. She has been teaching students about breath, self-empowerment and all the amazing things yoga has to offer.  She found herself on a healing path through the discovery of the chakra system and the benefits of  a yogic lifestyle naturally followed. This process opened unlimited possibilities.

In discovering yoga, she also discovered the magic of dance. Nia came along and sparked her passion once again as her tears poured down her face during her first Nia class experience. She was sold and ready to share the art and magic of Nia with the world!

Her intention as a teacher is to facilitate transformation and healing by discovering one's inner realms through movement, breath and awareness of self. Transforming fears into joys and doubts into empowerment.  Allo the magic of your creation to unfold.

Dance as if no one is watching.




Hoop Rhythms

Ally(son) Arnold (Whitefish MT)

Discover the endless rhythms of your hoop as you learn new tricks and rediscover old ones.  Approaching the hoop with a sense of rhythm allows us to tap into our ancient roots and live a life based on our biological rhythms.


Ally Arnold started to hooping 6 years ago at a small outdoor gathering she put on deep in the woods of Montana.  Her friend handed her a hoop, taught her how to do a few tricks, and the rest was history.  She instantly developed a daily practice because she became addicted to the sense of rhythmic meditation, an increase in energy, and most of all increase in happiness.  She has been crafting hoops, performing, and teaching since 2009.




Sustainable Yoga For All Ages

Kathy Dodd (Calgary AB)

Yoga is something we can do throughout our lives. This yoga workshop is for all ages and abilities and will incorporate natural movement principles that have been lost due to our reliance on .... furniture!

What are the natural movements we need in our body but have lost due to chairs and technology? What do our kids do with ease that we find suddenly difficult? Moving our body should be fun and not just relegated to the realm of exercise! Get loose, feel good and learn to incorporate yoga into your everyday life.


Kathy Dodd has been teaching yoga for 13 years in Calgary at various studios and now runs her own classes, workshops and yoga retreats through Prapti Yoga. Kathy is known for her clear, humouous, compassionate instruction and her ability to adapt yoga to all levels. Kathy has lead teacher trainings in family yoga, storytelling through yoga, and yoga anatomy. She has a passion for good posture, living pain free and passing on great habits to our kids.




Laughter Yoga

Graham Parsons (Edmonton AB)

Started by an Indian physician in Mumbai, India in 1995, the Laughter yoga movement has since grown to over 6,000 Laughter Clubs in more than 55 Countries. Combining Yogic Breathing & Asana with socially interactive laughter explorations, a sense of childlike play is cultivated, and is of great benefit both physically and psychologically. By coming together to laugh, we are able to transcend normal social barriers, encourage one another so as to reap the many benefits, and experience the simple joy that connects us all. No yoga experience necessary, run tell a friend to tell a friend, come one come all, quite literally the more the merrier!


Graham Parsons has throughout his life been drawn toward the things behind things, and after a foray into the sacred movement of Taoist Tai Chi, began to explore the path of Yoga in 2004, and has been continuously captivated by the blessings, challenges, purpose and harmony that it has brought to his life. Certified as a Hatha &Yin Yoga Instructor after spending time with teachers in British Columbia and Hawaii, Graham enjoys creating an atmosphere of warmth and stillness in his personal practice, which has allowed him to do so in his classes. Our lives demand such a myriad of mental and emotional calisthenics as we move through each day, and the gift of being able hold space together and let all this silt settle, so that we may see clearly into the warm still centre of ourselves and one another, is one to be cherished. Let's explore together. Om & Prem.


= = =


Acro Yoga: The Fundamentals of Flying

Luc Felicidade and Astraea Starr (Edmonton AB)


Yoga has proven to be awesome for breathing, stretching, releasing, strength, building, opening, cleansing, relaxing, community building, etc. In AcroYoga: the Fundamentals of Flying, you will venture off your mat and to the edge of your comfort zone, where new yogic experiences await you.

All levels of yoga and fitness are encouraged to attend as we explore partner yoga poses and the fundamentals of Acrobatic Yoga-including how to fly!

No partner required. Only a desire to have fun with others in your community.

Bring a yoga mat if possible, but not necessary. A few will be available  


Luc is an accomplished individual always furthering his awakening. Lately a core focus has been Acro Yoga.

In an attempt to correct a snowboarding injuiry in 2001, Luc stepped onto the mat. He humbly learnt that Yoga it is a lifelong journey of discovery and expansion that reaches into all areas of life - - physical, spiritual and beyond. AcroYoga entered Luc’s life in 2011 and has been the focus of his yoga practice ever since. Luc strongly believes that one of the pillars of a successful yogic practice is interacting with others through partner postures and AcroYoga. Through his practice of AcroYoga, Luc is learning how to be a better friend, lover, co-creator, listener and Yogi.



= = =

Infusion Massage Workshop

Stan and Jasmyn (Calgary AB)


This Infusion Massage Workshop is a fun and easy way to relearn our first language of touch. It is a multicultural blend of massage techniques designed to guide you through a series of massage-based patterns that you can easily replicate in the comfort of home. The massage techniques explored through this class offer the beauty of expanding our syntax of relating to one another.

This partnered class and is done fully clothed on a yoga mat or blanket. grab a friend or a stranger and enjoy an hour and a half of giving and receiving massage.


Stan and Jasmyn have been professional massage therapists for 18 and 12 years respectively. Within this time they have branched out into several multicultural techniques some of which include Thai, Burmese, Mayan and Russian. Their work has evolved into an infusion of these various techniques that flow eloquently as an easy to learn format. Stan and Jasmyn have been facilitating classes and workshops for the past 12 years.



= = =

Soul of the Slack Line

Melissa Shippy (Sundre, AB)

Learn the basics of slacklining! Slacklining is like tight-rope walking but it's not a rope and it's not tight - dynamic webbing is used to create an active line that responds to your bodies energy to create a thin and living surface to interact with. While only a couple feet off the ground, the nature of the line and intensity of focus needed creates an exhilarating and joyful experience! Anybody can do it but patience and tenacity is required. Various lengths and tensions of both 1" and 2" lines will be available to try: having fun and being free and creative is the name of the game.


Melissa Shippy - When not helping people to bend and contort into ancient animal poses or dangling from scaffolding with paint brush in hand, Melissa enjoys good company, live music, CBC radio and outdoor adventures.



Transformational Crystal Bowls

Kim Mast (Calgary AB)

Experience the essences of healing language transformed into music. The resonance of crystal bowls allows mind, body, and soul to absorb messages directly, attuning on all levels.  Clear your charkras through physical, emotional, and spiritual words translated into “their songs”.  Live performance of 13 Quartz Crystal Bowls


Kimberly Mast - In 1998, I first played the crystal bowls. Much of my experience was through individual musical sessions for cancer patients at a facility for complementary medicine in Mexico. In 2000 I began to understand how deeply music and language are connected. Acknowledging that everything has its own vibrational frequency inspired me to start decoding language and focused on the healing aspects that are created musically.  In 2010 I opened up events to the public to experience vibrational musical and decoding language. The focus of these events is to assist in experiencing the essences of language through vibrational frequencies and to create balance effortlessly within ourselves.  In 2011 the first CD was created: Sound Spinal Alignment. I felt it appropriate to begin with the spine as it is the basis of our being. I have produce 2 other CDs, to assist our well-being and that of the planet with love, peace, harmony and joy, musically.




Medicinal Plant Walk

Patrick Kooyman (Calgary AB)

Join us as we explore the festival grounds of Inshala, discovering native medicinal and edible plants of the area. This is a wonderful opportunity to deepen your connection with the land we gather upon. Take healing and survival into your own hands by learning how to harvest and prepare the leaves, roots, and berries of many long revered plants. Also find out which ones might make a tasty treat & which ones are not recommended to eat! Learn about the ethics of wildcrafting - a way to harvest that is respectful and sustainable, for both the land and the plants themselves. Learn to listen, communicate, and maybe even talk to plants!


Patrick Kooyman, Herbalist and Ethnobotanist. Patrick has been studying and exploring herbal medicine, wildcrafting, and traditional plant use by native groups in western Canada for several years.




Galaxy Class

Matt Mazur (Vancouver, BC)

Galaxy Class is a multimedia presentation of exciting discoveries in astronomy with the goal of educating people about what lies beyond our planet.  It is an entertaining and visually impactful show that will get you stoked on space! You’ll learn about the planets in our solar system, the Milky Way galaxy, and our extra-galactic neighbourhood. This year will feature exciting new 3D graphics that will surely help you navigate the Secrets of the Universe, and you’ll leave with a greater appreciation for the majesty of the cosmos.


Matt Mazur (aka VJ Elfmaster) is a visual artist & space monkey living in Vancouver BC. In addition to promoting space education and blasting out photons at festival stages, Matt enjoys sword fighting & mushroom hunting, and is kept busy with his own cartoon advertising business. This will be the 5th year in the evolution of Galaxy Class.



= = =

Archetypes of the Living Mythos

Eve Olution (Santa Cruz, CA)

Eve presents the power of myth and the discovery in the living inner archetypes as a set of tools to deeper self realization. Illuminating how archetypes play a role in our every day reality she invites you to open the many doors of the inner you. This offering is a guided exploration into a healing activation to evoke the sleeping god/goddess within you awake.


Eve is a Visionary Director & Performance Artist who brings with her an extensive background in classical theatre which began at a very young age. Her passion has always been in directing and performing various genres from multiple cultures and time periods.  After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in visual performance, creating her own children's theatre, then moving to California, Eve began to immerse herself in the west coast culture which began her practice in the alchemy of Theatre & the Healing Arts .  The intention to evoke ancient myth would lead to the study of transpersonal art therapy and realizing the tangible benefits of this work. Eve’s passion to bring healing through art and serve the community in this way, has become her mission and life’s dedication.


= = =

Journeying with Symbolism

Dawn Dancing Otter (Penticton BC)


“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” ― C.G. Jung

This short class is a taste of some of the work Dawn Dancing Otter teaches in The Alchemist Path Shamanic Medicine Trainings. The subconscious mind, which is responsible for our way of being in the world for a large percentage of the time, is a matrix of information about where we have been and how we have walked in this world. The communication tool of choice with the subconscious mind is symbolism. In this experience, we will use the elemental/alchemical symbol for water to align our subconscious resistance to the flow of water within, and surface and clear unhealthy or unwanted fears/shame/guilt around water. We will then do a meditation on the clarity of water. This work is very powerful for the individual - inner water, as well as the community - our water resources globally.


Dawn Dancing Otter is a Medicine Woman. Her modalities of Shamanic Medicine are Movement - Yoga, both Choreographed/Structured and Ecstatic Dance, Breathwork - Pranayama from the Vedic tradition, Shamanic Medicine - Soul Retrieval, Extraction, Power Animals and Guides, Jangalikayamane (Nature based journeying founded in the Amazonian Jungle), Sound Medicine - Mantra, Toning, Drumming, and Meditation - Yoga Nidra, Mindfulness, and Trance state.  DDO has been facilitating and teaching Shamanic Sacred Medicine for many years. through gatherings, ceremonies,  trainings and apprenticeships in Canada, US, Europe, and South America. Her home is in Penticton BC, where she lives with her sons, Gabriel and Raven, and her Wonderdog, Rudi.


= = =


Co-Creative Congregation of Concentrated

Crystalline Consciousness Galactivation

Clayton Heallingsworth (Edmonton AB)

Come together in a sacred space, held softly & securely, as we embark upon an inward adventure of self actulized realization... Journey through eclectic soundscapes crystallizing within y~our third eye's higher vision as we unlock our hidden potentials, heal our inner children, and explore our connection with Source & our spirit guides... immerse yourself within the wonder of the shamanic visionquest and cultivate a deeper understanding of your authenticity as we learn about the power of crystals & healing stones, and the symbolic wisdom of our awakening dreams...

Clayton Heallingsworth has spent the past seven years passionately exploring shamanism, metaphysics, and the path of radical authenticity. Armed with an arsenal of mystic stones & crystal singing bowls, Clayton facilitates healing experiences & guides others on their personal paths of authentic unfoldment... This joyous soul has travelled throughout western north america and central America gathering pearls of wisdom & studying the evolutionary ascendant path to self actualization to share with kindred souls sharing in this amazing adventure we call life...


= = =


Conscious Relationships as a Spiritual Practice

James W Jesso (Calgary AB)


Psychospiritual maturation is the developmental process wherein we discover and repattern the elements of personality that deviate from the most honest core expression of the unique, unconditioned self. Spiritual practice is a means to cultivate a deeper awareness of this self and exercise an ability to express and integrate it into identity. Each one of us has a different set of challenges and barriers established between who we are now, and who we would be if we were fully expressed as our unconditioned, unhindered unique self. By inspiring the emergence of unconscious emotional material, our reactions and interactions with others can help or hinder psychospiritual maturation.


In discussing and merging the work of various academic and spiritual philosophies, we will establish a framework for understanding the structure of what unconsciously influences who we express ourselves as. In doing so, we can explore a new framework for navigating interpersonal relationships as mutually beneficial tools for encouraging psychospiritual maturity in each other. We will discuss the dynamics of how this can play out in a larger community, close friendships, romantic relationships, and even with strangers will may never actually meet.


James W. Jesso is a Calgary, Alberta based author, conference speaker, workshop leader, and event coordinator who has been touring and organizing conscious events all across Canada since 2010.

His insightful and engaging book Decomposing The Shadow: Lessons From the Psilocybin Mushrooms presents a complete conceptual and cognitive model for the psilocybin mushroom experience as it pertains to psychospiritual maturation and the healing of mental emotional wounds. His second book, to be released in the spring of 2014, furthers this investigation.

In the summer of 2013 James launched his book and traveled across Canada sharing his work and experience, doing 19 events in 4 months. His mission is to help transform culture through creating literary works to inspire and physical spaces for intelligent and respectful dialog on pertinent subjects.


= = =

The Medicine of Community: Embodying New Story

Skye Dreamer (Matt Catley) (Calgary AB)

Gifts are the roots of growth for a resilient community and shared, direct experience weaves the tapestry of relationships. The breakdown of community has occurred in step with the loss of our gifts and the monetization of life. A return is emerging as the old stories of the world continue to fall apart and our collective gifts are rediscovered. Together we are writing a new story of community - one that embodies connection, beauty, and truth in a World of the Gift. Join Skye for an experience of the medicine of community, stories of living in the gift, and an invitation to be a part of the global coalescence of creativity.

Bio:: Skye Dreamer is an avid public speaker, passionate author, story deconstructor, experience creator, event coordinator, and story teller. He expands his boundaries on a personal quest to dissolve illusion and unearth truth, love, and connection with others through personal healing, honesty, and courageous vulnerability.

Skye Dreamer has been experimenting with an Attitude of Gratitude and Living Within the Gift since leaving traditional employment in April 2012. His experiences at a community home called Eden’s Cove, based on a gifting model, became the launching point for a new chapter in life. With a strong passion for seeding gift culture, Skye took up a nomadic lifestyle in May 2013 to share, learn, teach, and connect with others in community to collectively create the more beautiful world our hearts know to be possible.


= = =


Earth Webs - Weaving the Great Turning

Tammy Brooks (Victoria BC)

We live in a time of great challenge, with looming disaster seemingly around every corner. Yet we also see the potential for a great shift in consciousness to take root and transform our relationship with the Earth, to experience what eco-philosophers refer to as the "Great Turning" toward a life sustaining society. Based on Joanna Macy's practice "The Work that Reconnects", this workshop offers us an opportunity to reflect on our fear and grief around the state of the world, to deepen our experience of interconnection with all that is and to use these as a catalyst to re-inspire us to act on behalf of the Earth at this pivotal time.

Tammy "meadow" Brooks - I am a passionate earth lover and teaching priestess in the 13th house Mystery School in Victoria, BC. I have an affinity for earth healing ritual and magic, through a lens of anti-oppressive, eco-feminist and social justice principles. My work is inspired by earth activists like Starhawk, Julia Butterfly Hill and eco-philosopher Joanna Macy, among many others, I am also a singer/songwriter, unschooling mama, a really lazy gardener and suffer from a slight thrift store addiction.



Fathers, Sons, Friends, Brothers: A Talking Circle for Men

Nils von Hahn (Vancouver AB)

The intention will be to create a safe space for Men to gather and discuss the joys and challenges of our connections to other Men. There is no prerequisite other than being Male. I will be facilitating the flow of discussion but I have nothing specific to teach.

Nils von Hahn: I am responding to a call from Spirit and a perceived lack of safe places for Men to get together and share their experiences of being a Man in the 21st Century.


= = =


Live Music Jam

Paul Shippy  (Sundre, AB)

Description of Workshop:: A live acoustic jam and open mic format with instruments available including: guitar, mandolin, banjo, various percussive elements, drums. Anything goes and the music will be guided by all who take part. All musicians and music lovers welcome!

Paul Shippy - When Paul is not putting out emotional fires in people's brains or volunteering for numerous non-profits, he enjoys playing and listening to music, outdoor adventures, and tormenting his cat with a laser pointer.



Community Song Circle

Amelia Hall and Linda Mummery (Calgary AB)

All are welcome to participate in this community song circle.

It doesn't matter if you have any experience in singing.

This is an opportunity to play the instrument you were born with... your voice!!!

We will begin by creating a safe space for vocal expression, and exercises that help warm-up our vocal chords continuing on to singing simple songs that unify our voices.  In the style of song circle the songs are learned through call and response and repetition until everyone is singing together in resonance!

The songs shared hold the essence of nature, love and harmony, and are beautiful and fun to sing!

May we find our voices together!


Amelia Hall & Linda Mummery have been singing together for the past year.  Inspired by song circles they've attended including Singing Alive, kiirtan and community camp fires, they've decided to share this ecstatic vocal experience with Inshalites.



= = =


Party Quest Crew, with the Hippo Art Car & Inshala Kids Zone Coordinators (Calgary AB)

Saturday @ 2:45pm


Earth, Water, Fire, Air - Kids Dance Journey

Jenna Jade & beat farmer (Lasqueti BC)Save & Close

A guided dance journey for kids to connect into earth, water, fire, and air through movement, breath, and imagination. We offer this class to provide a space for kids to discover the transformational power and joy of dance.

Time: Sunday 10 - 11 am

Location: The IllumaSphere




Vocal Expression with The PQC

Cameron Taylor, Jazzlib Collective  (Calgary AB)

The Jazzlib is a workshop all about expressing who you are through your very own unique sound. Together we will explore the imagination of nonsense and the vibrant fun of rhyming and beatboxing. We will find out what it means to be a part of the hip-hop cypher, an energy vortex that can only be felt and experienced. Everyone has an ability, let us unlock it together!




Guided Imagery Meditation

Michelle Goulet (Calgary AB)

Allow yourself to go deep within through guided visualization. As a participant you will learn these principles and find it easy and a great tool to calm your children.


Saturday @ 10 am


DROP IN ACTIVITIES :: Exploring the 4 Elements

Water, Earth, Fire, Air

A series of hands on activities will be available by drop in that focus on the 4 Elements. These workshop time slots will have a variety of activities for children and adults to participate in which allow for creativity and expression.

Earth & Water Elements

Michelle Goulet, Isabella Moon & Luna Sinclair

Explore how creative you can be using Water and Earth as your medium.

Length: 2 hour Drop In

Materials Required: Pending on activities slotted. Water, Watercolours, Paper, lots of recycled paper, Framed Screen, Glue, Seeds, Soil

Luna and Isabella are 12 years old and working as Kids Zone Assistants this year. These amazing young woman will inspire and impress you!

Saturday @ 12:30 - 2:30pm



Party Quest Crew, with the Hippo Art Car & Inshala Kids Coordinators (Calgary AB)

Saturday @ 2:45pm



Fire & Air Elements

As inspired by the Kids Dance Journey come explore your creativity connecting to air and fire!

Length: 2 h Drop In

Sunday @ 12:30 - 2:30 pm




Felting Workshop

Luna Sinclair (12 yrs old) (Calgary AB)

Create your own felted animal! Kids 6 and over can do this on their own, 5 and under will require parent assistance for cutting and sewing.

Saturday @ 11 am - 12 pm