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 Inner Journeys Ecstatic Dance is an adventurous free-form movement practice, inspiring you to deepen into the portals of movement, sound, breath and stillness. Join this inspired team on a dance journey through the elements.


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Facilitators:: Kylee Dawn and Corinne Cornish

Inner Journeys ~ Inspire :: Expand :: Freedom Join Kylee Dawn and Corinne Cornish as they invite you to Deepen into the Dance, with special visual performer SnailPainter!  We will explore the in-trancing realms of movement and breath, enticing you into an exploration of body wisdom.

Kylee Dawn has a passion for the Inner Journey. Through trance dance, breath work, sound and stillness, it all has its place for adventuring within. Kylee Dawn guides those into the heart, to awaken, activate and embrace knowing one’s being. Along her path, she has explored many modalities and mentors, which have empowered her to bring her own gifts to life. Kylee Dawn has been facilitating ecstatic trance dance and breathwork since 2006, is one of the founders of Inner Journeys; a certified Kundalini Dance Facilitator; a Transpersonal Breathwork Facilitator, and a Developmental Gymnastics

Corinne Cornish: As a Transpersonal Therapist and ConsciousBreathwork Facilitator, Corinne guides those re-awakening to their expanding consciousness through one’s own inner pathways of Self, ultimately inspiring Self-realization. Corinne brings her private practice to life as she offers exploration to travel inward into the inner depths of awareness and most passionately through non-ordinary states of consciousness. Corinne is formally trained as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Transpersonal Breathwork Facilitator, Reiki Master, Reconnective Healing Practitioner and has a Bachelor of Education. Corinne’s private practice is The Inner Realms, and is co-founder of Inner Journeys.

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Facilitator:: Jaia Aquarian

VoiceBodyLove is an experiential fusion of energy work, movement, a guided vocal opening and a playful exploration of the fullest potential of our expression. We will journey deeply into a grounded sense of our voice and use that as a tool to open ourselves to be witnessed and heard, see and loved by one another.

Jaia Aquarian discovered his voice around the same time ecstatic movement came into his life thirteen years ago. For almost ten years he has facilitated vocal circles, studied kundalini dance, sacred geometry, ecstatic movement and since 2005 has been a core organizer for the Intention (BC) gatherings. He frequently shares words and vocal music, as a live looper, spoken word artist and collaborator with electronic and organic musicians.

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Facilitator:: Lisa Gilmour

What is an Earth Run?  An Earth Run is a movement dedication that involves standing, walking or running to a steady drum beat at the center. It is composed of three concentric circles in which you run walk or stand in your intention. It was started by Anna Halprin, a dance artist from California who developed the practice to connect people with the earth.  People all over North America and the World practice the Earth Run.

How Does it Work?  The run consists of three concentric circles where participants can stand, walk or run.   The circles are created with flour on the grass or field. They can also be outlined with ropes or string. It is ideally done outside.  Participants gather to decide who or what they are moving for before the run starts.

The facilitator drums in the centre of the circle and keeps a regular, gentle beat. People then state what they are running for and enter the circle. Participants can move at their own pace and all  ages & abilities can participate.

The end of the run is signaled by the calming of the drum to a stop and everyone slowly to a stand still.

How many people can run?  As many people can run as show up.

How long does it take?  The run can vary in length, however you want it last long enough to develop a sense of effort, determination and timelessness.  It usually last about an hour to an hour and a half total.

Lisa Gilmour: Core Connexion is a dance and movement practice that reconnects us to our essence and explores the wealth of  creative energy available in our bodies.  Lisa  blends body focused modalities into her healing  & movement practice to deepen the exploration of one's inner terrain. She is deeply committed to bridging the pathway between the desire for aliveness and Living Aliveness.  Lisa was trained as a Planetary Dance /Earth Run facilitator in 2009 in Mill Valley California.

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Facilitator:: Dawn Dancing Otter

This pattern of 4 Breathwork techniques (pranayama) was integrated over the past decade with the intention to move into stagnant areas of the body, engage them with breath, increase heat, fire, circulation, oxygen...then go deeply into the trance state of meditative awareness. This process is very powerful self administered medicine, incorporating ceremony, traditional vedic techniques, and quantum transmutation.

Dawn Dancing Otter lives a life dedicated to the artistry, ceremony, and science  of Shamanic Medicine. She recognized her calling as a movement artist and  teacher early and has learned an intensive knowledge of the body through formal  studies in Classical Dance (Ballet, Modern), Yoga Therapy, Massage Therapy,  Kinesiology, Ecstatic and World Folk Dances , and through Shamanic Studies.

Dawn has a BFA in Dance, is a Registered Massage Therapist, a Certified Yoga Teacher, specializing in Ashtanga (under Sri K Pathhabi Jois, and Shareth  Rangaswamy) and Laya Yoga, has studied with her main Shamanic Teachers - Manfred  Lukas, Dr. I. H. Len, Raul Diego Nelson Falch, Inger Skogvold. She has also completed the Druidic  training through Cairdeas  Mor Shaoghal nan Druidh. Dawn has been teaching her own integrated system as  an Apprenticeship Program since 2002 - in her home, BC Canada and  internationally - The Alchemist Path, a self-initiated path to mastery. She also  facilitates workshops and trainings in AYAdance - an innovative integrative Yoga, Intentional Ecstatic Dance, Breathwork, and Meditation.  Currently, Dawn is in a Plant Medicine Apprenticeship with Raul Diego Nelson Falch and Inger Skogvold through Mi Templo Sagrado, Tarapoto Peru.

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Facilitator:: Cedar Mathias

Laughter Yoga combines unconditional laughter with yogic breathing.  Anyone can laugh for no reason, without relying on humor, jokes or comedy.  Laughter is simulated as a body exercise in a group; with eye contact and childlike playfulness, it soon turns into real and contagious laughter.  Tap into the profound healing medicine of laughter!

Cedar Mathias has been laughing all her life.  Since becoming a Certified Laughter Yoga Facilitator in 2011 she has been holding space for others to re-discover their laughter in a compassionate, joyful, and gentle way.

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Facilitator:: Nicole Rose

Lose yourself in the rhythmic dance of the hoop and fall into flow.  Flow is the state of continuously moving between tricks without thought. In this hoop dance workshop, Nicole will guide you through a series of simple tricks and transitions designed to help you find the freeing feeling of flow – even if you’ve never hooped before! All levels welcome, no experience necessary. Hoops will be provided or bring your own.

Nicole Rose first picked up a hoop in 2008 after visiting a friend who just finished her first hoop class. Her friend was GLOWING and Nicole knew she had to try it out for herself. She dropped into the next class (and many more after that) and has been hooping ever since. That glow hasn’t worn off and she wants to spread hoop love with anyone looking to embody creative self expression through movement and dance, to play and to simply have fun.

For over two years, Nicole has been leading hoop dance classes and workshops and has given them a different spin by focusing on self reflection and meditation in addition to tricks, technique and fitness. As an AFLCA Fitness Leader certified in Group Exercise, fitness is still important to her, but the physical health benefits of hooping are just the silver lining. She most appreciates hoop dance as it connects her to mind, body and spirit.

Nicole has performed at various events and has even been featured on CBC News. You can view her in action

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Facilitator:: Alice Bracegirdle

Bellyfit invites people to embrace the present moment while simultaneously connecting them to their ancient roots and empowering them for the future. It brings us back to this ancient wisdom of the body with a refreshing, modern approach.  Bellyfit is the holistic fitness experience that blends the power and wisdom of ancient cultures with the research, technology and trends of the modern world.

Alice Bracegirdle’s passion for inspiring women through movement, music, community and culture is the fire that fuels her life and her business. As a devoted wife,  dedicated mother and the CEO & Master Trainer for Bellyfit International, her mission is ‘to provide creative resources for empowerment’ to women of all ages, abilities and lifestyles. Through the power of precision fitness, cultural dance and ethno-electronic music, Alice and the Bellyfit® Development Team have challenged 1000’s of women to defy the mass media’s unrealistic portrayal of the female body, and to embrace their own personal expression of how a fit, healthy, female body looks and feels, and how it moves! Drawing on 15 years in the Fitness, Health and Wellness Industries, and a lifetime of dance and creative movement,  Alice is committed to providing a safe, sustainable and incredibly fun exercise system that takes ‘Fusion’ to a whole new level.

Bellyfit® Strong Woman.  Strong World.

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Facilitator :: Trevor Nugent-Smith

Trevor will guide you through an experience of rhythm, connection and community in a fun and uplifting drum workshop.  We will begin with some basic technique and rhythm patterns and build upon them as a foundation for our own creative expressions. Come find your rhythm, let loose and have fun!

No experience necessary. Some drums and percussion instruments provided.

Trevor Nugent-Smith was born and raised in Calgary and drumming has been a huge part of his life since working at One World Drum Co. (2000-2010). There, he gained many skills in the world of percussion as manger, instructor, performer and artist in residence in schools across Alberta.

Trevor’s passion has been as a teacher/facilitator for all ages as well as a performer playing predominantly improvised sets of music from ambient to high energy. He is currently providing music and percussion for Sacred Fusion yoga classes with his partner Laura and has also played for ecstatic dance workshops and accompanied numerous DJ’s over the years including Adham Shaikh.

Trevor has been involved and active at many community events and festivals across Alberta and BC bringing his passion for the drum and it’s power to transform and uplift through performances and workshops for everyone to enjoy.

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Facilitator:: Kristin Hertz

What exactly is Tantra?  How can we live a Tantric life?  How can we embody this heart-opening philosophy in our yoga practice?  Come learn all this and more!  All levels.  One Heart.

Kristin Hertz has been practicing and studying various forms of yoga, meditation and dance since 1998.  She is a certified yoga teacher and personal trainer and has taught thousands of students in various locations around the world. Her background in Tantric Yoga comes from the Anusara lineage.  It is her most sincere intention to embody the Tantric philosophy, everyday, in every way.

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Facilitator:: Peggy Ann Neufeld

Experience The 5 Tibetan Yogic Exercises and Cleansing Physical Exercises as taught by Master Stephen Co. Then continue with several more exercises from Do-In, The Ancient Art of Rejuvenation through Self-Massage, including The Complete Belly Self-Massage.

Peggy Ann Neufeld has been practicing Yoga since 1975. She has experienced the benefit of these daily routines and would like to share them with you. She has no formal teaching training but finds these exercises are easily accessible to all who want to learn them.





Facilitator:: Swami Ken

Meditation is a sure method to come into contact with one's higher Self. This is the place where separation merges and becomes the whole, where one can recognize the true Self that we all are, and where one must ultimately come into contact with the Infinite consciousness which resides inside each one of us.

The program consists of an hour of silent meditation. This is followed by satsang, where Swami will speak  spontaneously and from the heart, and a Q and A period - an open forum to discuss and to ask any questions.  Swami will serve anyone of any faith. Meditation will enhance a person's chosen path or discipline.

Swami Kena’s direction in life has always been one of solitude and self-inquiry. Starting as a teenager, Swami Ken had many teachers. He learned hatha yoga disciplines of 5 hours a day and 3 hours of daily meditation. Swami Kena engaged in many hours of sustained silence, and also spent about a year up in the north woods of Minnesota alone, practicing silent self-inquiry. By the time he met his guru, Swami was well prepared to undertake strong practice of Tapas meditation as given him by Sri Shivabalayogi Maharaj.

Tapas initiation from Sri Shivabalayogi involved long hours of sustained practice of Samadhi meditation. Samadhi is only possible when the mind subsides its restless nature, when there is only pure awareness… Tapas with no thought.

Swami Kena practiced tapas for 5 straight years (10 hours/day) and then completed another 2 years of tapas. Swami is still very much in tune with his guru, and has taken on the request of his guru to share this meditation with the world. The more people practice meditation for just one hour a day, the more stress will go down and the world’s situation will improve. It was during meditation that Shivabalayogi directed Swami Kena to continue his work by making this simple meditation technique available to all sincere seekers.





Facilitator:: Kym Chi

Permaculture is the recognition of natural patterns and  beneficial relationships that help us to create the most effective designs for any systems.  We will look at how Permaculture relates to the "invisible" or social structures and how it can guide us to take positive action to ultimately redesign civilization as we know it!

We will discuss social permaculture techniques and look at how they have been applied in communities around the world and do a breakout session where we create our own urban design charities of real communities!  You will leave empowered and inspired to make your dreams of a more beautiful and abundant world a reality!

Kym Chi: Being deeply inspired by and passionate about nature, art and energy, Permaculture is a perfect path for Kym Chi.  This visionary describes Permaculture as a brain remapping that helps to look at the world through new eyes. She believes that it can help us to connect with our creative self expression through the recognition of beneficial relationships with the earth and all of its beings. You can see this expressed through her designs, educational techniques, and art.

To date, Kym has completed a Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) through Verge in Alberta and last summer took an internship with them. She has also taken a Visionary PDC at COSM in NY with Gaiacraft, and a teacher training with Permaculture elders Scott Pittman and Larry Santoyo. Currently,she is working on a Diploma in Education through the Permaculture Institute USA.

Dedicated to community involvement, Kym spends much of her time contributing to non profit organizations such as The AREA (, The PCG(, the Evolver network ( and CoSM ( She is also involved with and is helping to create some of their open sourced teaching tools.

Through her company Giggling Chi Tree, Kym offers Permaculture design, consults and education including lunch n’ learns and intro courses. She will begin teaching full PDC’s this fall.   As a healing practitioner, Kym also provides Reiki and raindrop therapy sessions.  Kym’s mission is to spread Permaculture locally and beyond through the building of ecological systems, regenerative art, creative education and holistic healing.

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Facilitator - DaeZed

Come join me for a journey to explore water and its role in your life, sound and how it shapes your surroundings and the importance of having clear intention when communicating with the universe. We will end with a meditation tying together all these concepts. Please bring a vessel of water, pen, paper and an open mind.

DaeZed: I grew up in Calgary but I am a traveler by trade visiting 30 or so countries in my life one of my favorite things to do is understanding how other people live on this earth. Like most of us I have also wondered a lot why were here. This has led me into reading a lot on spirituality and science and where they meet. I am trained in 2 kinds of Reiki Shambhala + Usui and recently trained in Clarity Breathwork at a place called Pachamama in Costa Rica. I am also a festival junkie and quite active in the local Burning Man scene which last year inspired me to build a Temple for our regional festival.




Facilitator:: Matt Mazur

Galaxy Class is a multimedia presentation of new and interesting discoveries in astronomy, with a focus on galaxies and where we belong in the Big Picture. You’ll learn about some of the more mysterious phenomenon found in outer space, and discover how the Earth relates to our galactic neighbourhood. The live presentation features high-quality images and video clips from many of the most recent & impressive discoveries in astronomy.

The presentation is meant to help bring a greater appreciation for the majesty of the Cosmos, at the local and galactic scale. My intent is to promote a scientific basis for adopting a paradigm that includes galaxies as a part of our cultural mythology and awareness. The class is an entertaining and educational trip through the Universe that is sure to expand your horizons.

Matt Mazur (VJ Elfmaster) is a visual artist, galactic educator and aspiring Jedi living in Vancouver BC. In addition to teaching the secrets of the Cosmos, he enjoys sword fighting and drawing cartoons for money. One day he hopes to build a proper spaceship and see some galaxies close-up.

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Facilitator:: Gary Edwards

In the contemporary, our many national and international histories are now culminating in the ‘Idle No More’ movement. As the line of "What a Canadian citizen is”, has an exercise in adaptability and adherence. As IdleNoMore began as a series of "teach-ins' " across the continent over the past 3 months-and on, into the next 5 months, we are proposing the following to ascent the culmination of several separate but parallel efforts. First Nations peoples have the greatest chance of changing their "nation-to-nation" structure, with the Canadian Government.  In the future every new application is a new avenue and the message is clear - "The only way for our citizens to progress, is together".

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Facilitator::  Shirley Tremblay

Introducing the 5 Protector plants, their uses, traditional ways of smudging, use of the sacred medicine. How to use a medicine bag. Constructing your own medicine bag out of hide.

Shirley Tremblay:I am an artist and a facilitator of workshops all revolving around Native traditions as I was taught during my seven years in Ontario, co-mingling with the Mohawk and Algonquin bands. I had guidance and teachings passed to me by Elders and Medicine Men alike of which I am very honoured and humbled to have had these very  special opportunities. My Art and traditional crafts were endorsed in Ontario by these bands and I was invited to Pow-wows to sell, alongside the natives and my crafts. When I moved to Alberta, I decided to start my series of workshops to bring forth and teach some of the traditional crafts, as they were taught to me.

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Facilitators:: Angela Chromik and Becki McLean

Myself and Becky Mclean will guide participants through the basic levels of astrology via the archetypes that each planet represents, what the houses symbolize and also what each sign offers to a person’s natal chart. The workshop is designed to encourage people to start speaking the language of astrology, to offer insight and greater confidence in what their innate make up suggests. We will also touch on planetary influences, Sun sign, rising sign and moon sign and how they affect how a person behaves and how one is able to see one's self. We are also offering astrological based intuitive guidance within the structure of the astrological class.

Angela Chromik has been studying all things astrology for 15 years since she unrolled her first "star schroll" at a safeway in junior high. She loves to speak the language of astrology and share insights and guidance in helping people to better understand who they are. its a natural passion that she loves to share in all of its forms!!

Becki (Barefoot Beckins) as most people know her, is an amateur astrologist with a passion for connecting community to the information from the Universe. She has a strong belief that understanding the messages in the stars can help us realize our paths and bring us to a more heart centred approach to being. She's fascinated by humanity's mission and how we can all tap in and support a global vision, and often reflects that in how she interprets the stars. Also, weird side note, she likes to picture the planets as characters at a party and psychoanalyze how the would interact over cocktails!

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Facilitator:: Shahriar Khan

A technical introduction to the audio wizardry of Ableton Live from the point of view of a DJ. This hour long session will give those new to Live an introduction the tools and knowledge to create dynamic live dj sets. Topics include setup and gear, navigating the GUI (interface), track warping, harmonic mixing, loop creation, FX organization and performance. No equipment required.

Khan was an early adopter of Ableton Live as a DJ interface. He has been building his knowledge and skill base with Ableton Live for the past 9 years after paying his dues with turntables, vinyl and later Final Scratch vinyl control. From his start as a Vancouver rave DJ, he has evolved into a musical shaman, guiding intentional journeys for local and international conscious dance events and sharing his passions for community, spirit and music technology through performance, workshops and event production.

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Facilitator:: Joey Hundert

How do you take your amazing, sweet, brilliant ideas and convert them to incredible momentum in the world out there?  How do you convert ideas and conversations into milestones and accomplishments.

In this workshop, Joey will take attendees through a number of proven practices & steps for making incredible things happen, such that you may draw upon a greater tool chest when it comes to building out your ideas.  Whether you seek to launch a venture, start a club, throw a festival, run a holistic healing practice, take on a new education, launch a political campaign, become an expert or manufacture new products; Joey will provide you with road-tested techniques for progressing meaningfully.  There's ridiculous stories thrown in for good measure too! **Bring a notepad and a sense of adventure.

Joey Hundert is a young executive, social entrepreneur and community organizer, and he calls Edmonton his home.  He has spent the last 9 years living and growing in Edmonton and learning the ropes of entrepreneurship, movement building and bringing ideas to life.  He is somewhat madly obsessed with sustainability due to a belief that the quality of life for so very many people could be just so much higher, and that it can be raised while respecting our global habitat.  Joey has been involved in ventures and adventures as varied as venture capital to multi-day grassroots community gatherings.  It is his sincere wish to permanently inspire 100 million people, through the dreams and aspirations of Sustainival.

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Facilitator:: Luc d'Abadie

Our global commerce system is ridden with corruption, greed and is slowly collapsing around us. An improved system for commerce is needed as humanity evolves into the new paradigm. Tribal Commerce is part of the solution to our global economic crisis.

In this inspiring and insightful workshop participants will explore solutions to the challenges our commerce system faces around scarcity, elitism and war over natural resources. Tribal Commerce explores how a community deals with commerce, asset management, skill and knowledge sharing all while working towards living in a sustainable and harmonious relationship with nature. Included in this presentation are case studies of how Tribal Commerce has been successfully implemented by intentional festivals and conscious organizations in Alberta.

Luc d’Abadie is an accomplished entrepreneur, best-selling author, talented speaker and active community member. Luc has an honours degree in Mathematics and Business, a Masters in Entrepreneurship and is an architect of the new paradigm.

Based out of Alberta, Luc is actively supporting numerous projects under the umbrella of creating a sustainable human civilization—this is the mission of his company Golden Cities Group ( He is committed to raising human consciousness and is an active member in various intentional communities in Western Canada. Some of his favorite things include yoga, acro-yoga, hula hooping, snowboarding, sleeping and belly laughs.

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Facilitators:: Patrick Kooyman and Nate Schilman

Mead, or “honey wine” is thought to be the oldest fermented drink known to man. Join home mead-makers Nate Schilman and Patrick Kooyman, for a voyage back in time as we explore the roots of a drink that has long been associated with the Gods. Mead has rightly been called the divine nectar, a drink that confers long life, health, and a deepening of consciousness and awareness. Learn about the sacredness of the honey bee, and the different gifts that we gain from bees when we raise them in a way that is sustainable and beneficial both for the bees and humans. Learn about the many medicinal qualities of mead, imparted by the hive products that go into it and the alchemy of fermentation.

Mead making has been enjoying a renaissance, as one of the easiest and most rewarding ferments that can be done at home. This workshop will give you the knowledge and tools to get started with your own brewing. We will demonstrate the mead making process from start to finish: Learn how you can make a basic mead at home, and gather ideas on herbs, fruits and other flavours that can be added to enhance your mead. We will also demonstrate how to properly bottle and store the finished product.

Patrick Kooyman has been making mead for the last couple years. With a background in herbal medicine and botany, he likes to incorporate herbs from the garden and the forest that can enhance the healing properties of his meads. He also loves to use wild fruits and berries picked from around western Canada to add depth of flavour and colour.

Nate Schilman has developed a passion for local food and drink over the last 3 years, and has  been brewing mead in his home for about a year and half, with amazing results. He has developed a great love for mead, and the process of making it. Friends, family, and community have had nothing but great things to say about it, and he feels that his gift for brewing should be shared.



Facilitator:: Dawn Dancing Otter

Assemblage Point: Human Beings are complex Energy Systems (Quantum Universes), and the epicenter of assembly that Energy System is the Assemblage Point. The position and angle of that point will affect all the Systems in the body - from tissue level to the auric field and everything in the middle. The biological state of the nervous system in the human body will be impacted and also impact the position of the Assemblage Point.
In this brief Intro to Assemblage Point, we will learn to locate and influence the position of the Assemblage point in the human body, thus creating positive change in our perspectives, health, and function.





Facilitator: Clayton Sanders

A sharing circle for lovers of the word in all its many wondrous forms, from songs, to love letters and spoken word. A place to discuss how words have affected our spirits and guided us to the most important word of

Clayton Sanders has self published his first book of conscious poetry, Empathic Pastures May 2012 and the eBook was released  globally on April 27, 2013. He often remarks how words can harm, or heal a spirit, and in his case, poetry saved his life. A simple poem posted on social media, caused 5 women to say he had value, worth and that life was worth living. Empathic pastures are the compilation of that journey from self destruction to resurrection and the steps in between. Its message's intended to heal those lost in their own despair and say, love awaits you, and it gets better. Come share your heart all levels of writer are welcome to share, Namaste

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Facilitator:: Becki Mclean

Sacred Commerce is a program that begin with the owners of Cafe Gratitude, Matthew and Terces Engelhart. As part of the lifestyle that holds the philosophy that even business can be a tool on our path to awakening, they practice daily clearing techniques that allow for their staff and family to release anything that is keeping them from being in the present moment, and therefore, keeping them from their highest place of love. Feel free to drop in anytime during the workshop to experience a clearing with one of the volunteers.

The volunteers for the course come from many walks of life but have all attended at least 1 Sacred Commerce course. They will hold space for you to come to the present and experience the weekend from a clean slate.  It will be drop in and will allow for the participants to clear away anything that may be keeping them from being fully present in the moment and in their place of highest love.

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Facilitator:: James W Jesso

The Shadow—the personification of all aspects of self we don’t want to face—holds within it the means by which we can further our psychospiritual maturity. Yet in order to harness its power, we must first learn how to dance with it. This means learning to accept the truth of darkness in this world, accepting responsibility for personal darkness, and shining the light of compassionate awareness up these elements of self. We are capable of healing of the wounds that hold us back from our fullest potential. But in order to do that, we must learn to utilize the Shadow.

In this workshop we will explore the Shadow—the darkness—of ourselves and our world, cultural conditioning, self-deception, emotional repression, and the ego. We will learn how to navigate these aspects of self in a manner that empowers us with healing, honest courage, and psycho-spiritual maturity.

James W Jesso is an experienced event coordinator, writer, and Reiki practitioner. Operating out of Calgary Alberta, he organizes and host events through Evolver Calgary, and operates a website which focuses on the topics of consciousness, spirituality, psychology and our relationship to the human experience.

His unfolding study and lifestyle--founded on health, wellness and personal empowerment through understanding--has opened him up a new sense of vitality and passion. It is this zest for life from which he seeks to inspire others through his seminars, writings, and personal interactions.

James has taught at or hosted over 25 public events since 2012 and spent last summer travelling and teaching along the west coast electronic music festival circuit—spreading his unique insights through artful articulation and engaging presentations.   He is currently in the midst of preparing to self-publish and tour for his first book, titled Decomposing The Shadow, which is scheduled to launch in the summer of 2013.

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Facilitator: Nils von Hahn

A Talking Circle for Fathers, Fathers to be, or any other Men who wish to sit with us.  The intention will be to create a safe space for Men to gather and discuss the joys and challenges of Fatherhood, Relationships and Manhood in general in the 21st Century. There is no prerequisite other than being Male. I will be facilitating the flow of discussion but I have nothing specific to teach.

Nils von Hahn: I am responding to a call from Spirit and a perceived lack of safe places for Men to get together and share their experiences of Fatherhood and Relationships.

= = =

Shamanic Sound and Light: Live Meditation Concert

Facilitator: Blair Armstrong

Combining ancient shamanic sound traditions with today’s modern sound technology, a magical world of sound and light is intuitively created to take it’s participants on a inner ascension journey through time and space.  Relax into the deep, healing sounds of the didgeridoo, singing bowls, drums, flute and more, and drift away to your own personal dream world… become entranced by the healing powers of the mandala as it dances across your mind’s eye… allow yourself to be taken into the microcosm of the self as every cell of your body is massaged into alignment! This is your own personal shamanic journey!

Blair Armstrong: Through high-vibrational instruments of love, light and magic, world multi-instrumentalist Blair Francis is healing the planet the best way he knows how - through sound and through it’s people!  Combining the latest technology in sound production with ancient shamanic sound tools from our past, this practitioner of Sacred Sound, student of Shamanic Arts and observer of Natural Beauty is helping re-define what live music can be all about and is helping to re-establish the reverence and respect we once held for sound and music being the powerful healing modality that it truly is.  Blair is the co-founder of the Sunbelly Healing Collective where he offers group meditations, sacred sound circles, Tibetan bowl body tuning, Vibro-Acoustic massage therapy, plus much more.

= = =


Facilitator:: Eily Aurora and Trevor Uruski

This workshop will help you connect to, expand and deepen your ability to use Soundwork in your healing practices, for your community, and in your daily lives. Drawing on the principles of Sonica Soundwork, developed by Gary Diggins from Toronto, Eily  and Trevor invite you to combine ambient, rhythmical, harmonic and improvisational sounds together in order to care for another through sound rituals. Everyone is welcome! Please bring any musical and percussive instruments.

Eily Aurora is an artist based in Calgary, Canada. Playing since 2006, she was first introduced to the Celtic Harp by her mother, who is also a harpist. Growing up in the countryside, Eily became creatively inspired by the magic of nature from an early age. Among other events, Eily has played for the Calgary Planetary Healing Mandela, One Yoga in the Park and Big Beat Calgary. She has been honored to work with the International Qigong Master, Chunyi Lin, La Caravan Artistic Director, Maya Lewandowsky, Cellist Dorothy Bishop, David Hickey of Crystal Journey and Gary Diggins, the creator of Sonica Soundwork. Her first album, Heart Resonance, was released in February 2013.

Trevor Uruski "Didgeridoo performer, teacher and healer. Soundscape and vocal artist, spiritual writer, poet, friend and guide. Spiritual aspirant of several years now sharing the fruits of his labor through music, presence, word and sound. Seeker and collaborator for individual and social healing projects and spiritual awakening."

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THE BLOOM SERIES (Screening and Discussion)

Facilitator:: Sobey Wing

THE BLOOM SERIES Volume 2 Video Screening and Discussion

Join Evolver Sporeganizer and Bloom Ambassador Sobey Wing for a screening and discussion of an episode of The Bloom Series: A Journey in Transformational Festivals.




Intentional Intuitive Arts Playshop.

Facilitator:: Mitchell Soulfeather

From the platform of sharing his creative process soulfeather’s playshop connects participants to their authentic creativity, and their ability to gather nurturing information though intuitive art. Each person will activate their personal intention and through the improvisation of presence will receive vision through improv sound and movemen† and the art form of Painting With Light.

These methods are appropriate for anyone, novice or experienced, interested in the relationship between awareness, action, and collective movement. It is extremely fun and active and is a huge stress release. It allows your inner child to play and your inner adult to indulge.

This playshop offers tools for examining one's perceptive and responsive process, it cultivates awareness and spontaneous movement and thereby the participant gains freedom from distracting thoughts of self-obsession, fears, judgments and analysis.

Awareness and play are fundamental to the practice. Within this orientation, the participant is no longer bound by the conventional interpretations of reality. They are free to roam throughout the grand spectrum of possibilities, discovering who they are in the moment.

Dancers release from technical and stylistic desensitization, and open their physical vocal and verbal imagination, actors brought into their bodies discover their individual presence, and visual artists discover or rediscover a playful and profound journey. And, for those who suspect creativity lurking within their habitual logical ways discover a dancer actor and artist within your realm of infinite possibility.


1)Duration 3 hours,

2)Capacity 20 pp,

3)Participants to bring drinking water and light snack.

Technical needs:

1)Playshop space for 1.5 hours no music-if possible, and 1.5 hours with music (uptempo music that lends itself to trance states). can addapt if neccasary. Playshop is 3 hours straight.

2)Open to spectators.
3)Area for painting with screen-150 watts.


With appreciation my purpose is to serve YOU with all my heART. i pray that i am creating and allowing Well Being in all of its hues, that i am giving and receiving in a sacred way, that i am embodying spiritual adulthood with my life as my canvas, in order to communicate and render what is asked for, in ritual celebration and collaboration, in this eternal kaleidoscope of now, in clarity and wholeness, in authentic flow, with passion and play, from within my Being from within my doing, feeling and listening my way into the mystery, touching truth and allowing to be touched by truth, with awareness, with deep respect, with love, joy and peace, and in humility with the beauty of Grace.

may YOU breathe in Beauty All Ways...

soulfeather is a Nelson born, Vancouver Island raised ‘free range’ multi media artist. Some highlights include: Installation and performance artist (Illuminaries 2001-2012. Shambhala 2000-2010…) Accomplished murals artist (2010 Legacies Mural…) Professional Holistic Healing Intuitive (Working with Olympic athletes and other high profile clientele since 2000.) Published author of a National Bestseller oracle deck titled “Be The Change” (



(Kids’ Dance)

Facilitator:: Jenna Jade & Beatfarmer

Come and dance with the colours of the rainbow to move our energy and feel connected to the celebration of dance and Inshala.  Using the chakra energy centers, colours, elements, animals, and directions to inspire dance and movement.

JennaJade - In the mossy bluffs of Lasqueti Island is where I create my dreams. Sometimes they blow of into the wind like a silk scarf but dance continues to move me.... both spiritually and physically.  I want to share my joy for dance and inspire others to feel their soul through movement.

beatfarmer - Beatfarmer has developed a passion for mixing organic world music with electronic beats. Bringing mind, spirit and body together, beatfarmer will move your body to dance and your spirit to soar!

"If you love life enough that you want to enhance its beauty, you want to bring a little more music to it, a little more poetry to it, a little more dance to it.”  - Osho

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Facilitator:: Kym Chi

We will have fun learning about the Permaculture ethics and how we personally connect with the environment around us. This workshop is geared towards children (of all ages) and will include games, hands on activities and art.   Being deeply inspired by and passionate about nature, art and energy, Permaculture is a perfect path for Kym Chi.

This visionary describes Permaculture as a brain remapping that helps to look at the world through new eyes. She believes that it can help us to connect with our creative self expression through the recognition of beneficial relationships with the earth and all of its beings. You can see this expressed through her designs, educational techniques, and art.

Kym Chi has completed a Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) through Verge in Alberta and last summer took an internship with them. She has also taken a Visionary PDC at COSM in NY with Gaiacraft, and a teacher training with Permaculture elders Scott Pittman and Larry Santoyo. Currently,she is working on a Diploma in Education through the Permaculture Institute USA.

Dedicated to community involvement, Kym spends much of her time contributing to non profit organizations such as The AREA (, The PCG(, the Evolver network ( and CoSM ( She is also involved with and is helping to create some of their open sourced teaching tools.

Through her company Giggling Chi Tree, Kym offers Permaculture design, consults and education including lunch n’ learns and intro courses. She will begin teaching full PDC’s this fall.

As a healing practitioner, Kym also provides Reiki and raindrop therapy sessions.

Kym’s mission is to spread Permaculture locally and beyond through the building of ecological systems, regenerative art, creative education and holistic healing.


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Facilitator:: Lisa Dahlseide

Come and explore the fun world of energy!