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The Illumacube is the main stage location. Here we gather to engage the conscious connections in the workshops, to celebrate in its essence of dance, sound vibration, creative heart expression and experimental offerings. No unattended children in this space please.



The Illumasphere is our alternative space to gather. By day, receive, rejuvenate and connect on a variety of topics within the conference. During the evenings, come lay back and relax to the soft musical vibrations being released into the airwaves.  No unattended children in this space please. **The structure is aluminum, which easily bends, so climbing is not permitted.



This is a space dedicated to all things playful and creative. Join Lisa and Crystal for family friendly activities and collaborative artistic exploration. In addition to the scheduled events, we will be free flowing through a multitude of colorful and playful experiences, geared towards children and the child at heart. Join us while we explore many creative and natural art mediums. Participate in live instrumentals, singing, movement workshops and more!



Artisan Market

Within the artisan market, you will experience the uniqueness that each vendor has to offer. There are a variety of home made, locally crafted products, to services within the healing tent, as well as delicious nourishment that will call you back for more.


Restore. Energize. Balance

If you seek balance, grounding or raising your vibration to align with the high Inshala vibe, then come visit us at the healing tent. We have a variety of skilled energy medicine practitioners that are available to support your journey. Visit us to sign up by donation.



The Pawâw (pa-waaw)

This sacred space of healing and relaxation gets its name from the Wampanoag people and translates to she or he is healing or heals someone. So come join us in the Pawaw tent for some healing and relaxation as we sit back and listen to the sweet sounds of Inshala.



The labyrinth is a metaphor for the circuitous journey  to the center of your deepest self, returning back out into the world with a broader or deeper understanding of who you are.It is designated as a quiet space. People may leave a gift in the center and we ask that these objects remain there. No unattended children in this space please.


Art Installations

These are works of art that have been created for the enjoyment of others. Please highly respect these installations as much work has gone into providing them. The artist will indicate whether they are able to be touched or not.  No unattended children please.


Food Vendors



Come check out Deepak's Indian Roadside eatery as they have lots of Beverage options, Snacks and Appetrizers, as well as Main Dishes for your liking:

Beverages - Masala Chai / Mango Lassi / Iced Chai Latte / Iced Mango Lassi

Snacks/Appetizers - Samosas / Pakora / Samosa Chips / Chapati

Main Dishes (including rice, salad, chutney) / Curry Burji Wrap / Butter Chicken  / Dhal Tarka  / Tandoori wrap



Kaliden Lounge Cafe will be located inside the IllumaSphere. Please come visit us, grab a tea or coffee, make yourself comfortable, and enjoy the presence of Self or lounge with a friend, either new or old.

Beverages - coffees / teas

Light meals - soups / sandwiches