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"I've been going to electronic music festivals for over 15 years and Inshala is my favorite. I come all the way from Vancouver for it. What I like about it the most is the attention to quality which permeates every detail. And all the people who come are wonderful!"

- Oliver Giving


Sprit willing is the breath that breathes into every fiber of this festival, with humble roots and a core of gold, the dedication of followers to the festival is sure to multiply and grow. I have been blessed to travel to festivals all over the world, and Inshala is hands down one of my favorites. no matter where you go or how big or small the party is, you can always feel the core, the intention of those who have placed their time, and involvement in the creation and overseeing of the gathering. It is their heart that unites us and we gather as one tribe of light, with open hearts and pure celebration with sound,dance and ceremony, surrounded by earth, water, air, and our hearts together make the fire. thank you Inshala, for giving us a local festival we our proud to call our own.

- Angel


Set on the banks of the Old Man River, nestled between wind turbines and sage-brush, Inshala is a gathering of tribespeople from all four directions for one glorious weekend where they gather to celebrate life, and share their stories.  

I went to Inshala III on a whim with the intent to share who I am and meet new people.  From the moment I puttered my vehicle past the entry I was surrounded by some of the most accepting loving people you could ever wish to find. There was an itinerary full of activities and workshops, intentional spaces held by conscious individuals, music, laughter and the opportunity to dance right into the night.  The vibe went beyond non-threatening, or inclusion, into what I can only describe as a warm yumminess that pervaded everything that went on there.  
Totally kid friendly, low-pressure, and at the same time utterly inspiring.  
If you are looking for an intentional scene, with fun, loving, responsible people, I would strongly recommend Inshala.