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Within the Artisan Market, you will experience the uniqueness that each vendor has to offer. There are a variety of home-made, locally crafted products that are designed by the Artists themselves; to services within the Healing tent; to delicious nourishment that will call you back for more.  



 The Urban Gypsy


Open Source Apparel


Blue Lotus Ethnobotanicals


Deepaks Indian Roadside Eatery


Geo Rev Hooping


GG Dolls and The Land of Whimsy 

- Hand made dolls and yard Art fairies and Art pieces


The Wool Mine

- Hand felted wool and silk clothing, and accessories, hip bags, wool floor pads, wands, Eco printed clothing, vests, cuffs


Kitty's Bohemian Boutique


Kaliden Lounge Café


KrukEd Gypsy

- Handmade leather goods and clothing


Your Pure Essential Oils

Snail Wizard Treasures


Soul Garden Alchemy


Astalabastala Int


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There will be 2 food vendors on site:

1. Deepak's Indian Roadside Eatery - Food Truck

Masala Chai (Indian spiced tea) (Vegan/Non vegan) 
Mango Lassi (Vegan/Non-vegan) 
Iced Chai Latte 
Iced Mango Lassi 

Samosas (Beef, chicken, vegan) 
Samosa Chips Box

Main Dishes (including rice, salad, chutney) 
Curry Burji Wrap (Egg breakfast wrap with pakora; Regular/Vegan) 
“Better-than-Butter Chicken” (Regular/Vegan) 
Dhal Tarka (Spiced lentils; Vegan) 
Tandoori wrap (Regular/Vegan)

2. Kaliden Lounge Cafe
Coffees / Teas

Light meals
Soups & Sandwiches