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Michael is an avid creative coder, specializing in lighting & video with over 10 years experience in bringing his imagination to reality. Michael has designed lighting and video control systems, large-scale structures, sensor-based art, and has performed at some of Canada’s leading music events.

As a stage architect, Michael has built structures from concept to completion, adopting 3D modelling and stage virtualization software. Michael runs a boutique lighting and visuals company, called Perception Environments, that stocks an inventory of high impact equipment and manages talent and staffing. As a creative coder, his current development is an interactive lighting instrument, gRadiance, made for controlling thousands of pixel mapped LED’s in a performance environment.

For hobbies, Michael is a ravenous music collector and talented DJ, and is currently investing in a large-scale CNC router for deco and future-furniture design.


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 "Matt is a multimedia artist, software developer, and space enthusiast, living in Vancouver BC. He has been a VJ for 10 years as VJ Elfmaster, performing at venues and festivals across Canada. His colourful, space-themed visuals are renowned to launch music stages into orbit."


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INNER STRENGTH - Art Installation 

A comprehensive study of the layers to a tetrahedra as it reflects the self within.


Nicole Emerson was born in Brandon Manitoba but raised in Calgary Alberta, where she found her inspirations for her future as a visual artist and received her BFA from the Alberta College of Art + Design with a major in Sculpture. Primarily focusing on sculpture, installation and set design Nicole speaks about communicating her subconscious understandings and interpretations of the world around her through physical objects, collections and more.   “I experience life as a turbulent sea of sensory information that I am constantly swimming through, questioning my existence in this strange world that I am immersed in. By physically penetrating nature with synthetic objects, I attempt to break down the barriers of the organic and the fabricated. By representing these ideas through three-dimensional works I begin to try to communicate the inner workings of my mind to those who are equally as curious” – Nicole Emerson AKA Nikki VonPanda



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Video is the medium, pixels the delivery mechanism, and music the inspiration and drive for snailpainter. Sampling the world using photography and video as well as diving into our vast heritage of time-based media, this visualist works to lend shape and texture, in real time, to the soundscapes delivered by skilled musical artists for projection and mapping in dance/art spaces.


Links: vimeo:

instagram: snlpntr


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The Psyentist has been working in the visual arts for many years now, starting his journey in a small town of medicine hat in Alberta honing his craft for years before moving to the west coast to join in a larger scene, The Psyentist creates psychedelic atmospheres that transport the viewer in faraway and far out landscapes at parties around the world. He has been making waves in 2017 taking over a lead role in the visual team at Bamboo Bass Festival in Costa Rica and a slate full of festivals all summer, keep an eye out for him lighting up a stage near you!


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As a promoter Jay Michael has been responsible for bringing world class acts such as Vibrasphere, Sensient and Shadow Fx, Random Rab to Canada for the first time.  Owner of a custom sound system company, he also has handled stage production at many of Western Canada's festivals such as Entheos, Inshala, Diversity, Astral Harvest, Motion Notion and the Illumasphere at Shambhala.

Having played the part of performer, promoter, sound tech and stage manager at literally hundreds of events, Jay Michael takes immense pride in nurturing the development of a world class music scene in the majestic expanses of Western Canada. His knowledge and awareness around the music scene, and mastery as a sound technician offers full spectrum Ionic Sound.


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Spreading the joy! Desertwind has been on this mission together for many years! We are a group of women who love each other and love expressing ourselves through movement and music. This year our focus is on the past 15 years, we have compiled some of our favourite music and choreographies into a trademark mash up of differing styles hoping to continue to inspire and share our love!

Come experience Desertwind at the ILlumaCube on Saturday evening.