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Bio: "Matt Mazur (VJ Elfmaster) is a multimedia artist, programmer, and space enthusiast living in Vancouver, Canada. He has been a VJ for over 10 years, performing at venues and festivals across Canada. His space-themed visuals are a colourful fusion of galactic vistas, kaleidoscopic landscapes, alien downloads, planetary Buddhas, sacred geometry… and monkeys. Matt also teaches a space workshop called Galaxy Class that gives people an educational tour of our galactic neighbourhood, featuring his Multiverse 3D extragalactic mapping program."



Michael Heid

visual light master representing the micro to the macro cosm.


Nikki Emmerson

AKA Nikki Von Panda - Visual Installation Artist



Video is the medium, pixels the delivery mechanism, and music the inspiration and drive for SnailPainter.






Join our host, Joey Vedres after Opening Ceremony Friday at 7pm for the “Variety Show”. Anyone can participate sharing their talents, passions, G rated comedy and more. 3 minute max per act. All ages welcome! First come first serve!

FB Event Page:

"Calling on the collective creativity of the clan to comprise a classical curated captivation. I invite idle instrumentalist to inflame inspire and illuminate our individual imaginations. Whether its wielding weird one wingers. Musing mystic magical manipulations. Presenting a perfectly punctuated personal poem. A vast variety of vivid voices, vocally vulnerable and virtuous. A Duality of Desire driven delicate dance or downright daring dirty Disco. Anyone, anything, anytime.
So Seriously sign up soon, send a summary, so spectators can see you strut.
Absolutely Any Act, Angelic, Artistic or Archaic is Allowed."

Joey is an energetic spark of creativity and exploration on stage and in life. Whether he’s shooting his smouldering gaze your direction or being a complete goofball he occupies whichever space he’s in with his presence. He sees circus arts/play as an intricate toy to be tossed around, shared and explored. Finding his start with fire spinning at an early age Joey grew and developed his talents with a passion for the skills he desired. Building his community and sharing his passions he helped grow the Southern Alberta fire and circus scene. Now a multi disciplinary, award winning, full time performance artist he has a wide range of talents and eye catching acts. Performing in schools across Canada Joey shares his beliefs in kindness, silliness, and the importance of acceptance and being different. He has enjoyed performing on stages and events across Canada with motivational school shows (Canadian School Presenters), corporate entertainments, theatre shows, Expos and private events (le Cirque de la Nuit, Select Entertainment, Indigo Circus), and music festivals (Independent).