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Inshala 11 Volunteer Submission Page

As Inshala grows each year, we require more and more volunteers. We would not be able to run the event without generous people who are willing to help out. By volunteering at Inshala, you can also have a portion of your ticket reimbursed after the duties are completed.

We are currently looking for volunteers for Safety / Security, Green Team, Kitchen, Kids' Zone, Front Gate, and Sound Tech Stage Captains. We are also seeking to find enthusiastic inspired individuals for Art Gallery creation and Art installation coordination. .

ALL VOLUNTEERS ARE TO PURCHASE TICKETS IN ADVANCE, AND PROVIDE THEIR TICKET NUMBER TO THE VOLUNTEER COORDINATOR. With each hour that a volunteer works, $12.50 will reimbursed back to the volunteer at the end of the shift worked. Shifts are scheduled in 2 hr time slots = $25/shift reimbursement.

We would like ALL interested volunteers to complete the following application form. This process allows us to know more about you as an individual and where you are best suited in volunteering for Inshala.