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COME AS YOU ARE - Conference Details


INNER JOURNEYS ( - Kylee Dawn (Calgary)

Inner Journeys Ecstatic Dance is an adventurous free-form movement practice, inspiring you to deepen into the portals of movement, sound, breath and stillness.

The intention of Inner Journeys is to be present, to be open and to be spontaneous in inviting new experiences and embodiment into our lives, as we Awaken the Dreamer within.

No experience necessary. This is a playful experiential movement class - with lots of dancing and breathwork.
Leave feeling inspired and uplifted! 



Play will be the foundation of this workshop. Play, I believe, is essential to humans and is a large part of happiness. All old tribes, that I know of, have a style of play that isn't lost as they grow older. I think there is a loss of play these days and it plays a part in unhappiness and unsatisfying lives. I will be that 70 year old dude still playing..... and moving. I approach my idea of play through movement. So join me as we go through the styles of my training so we can move efficiently, beautifully, and playfully.

The base of the workshop will be Capoeira. (Here is link of what the emerging school of thought is on how Capoeira came to be

SACRED FUSION ( - Laura Burki & Trevor Nugent-Smith (Canmore)

Urban Beats

 Join us in this energetic, creative, full-spectrum approach to embodying the flow of yoga cultivated by funky beats and world percussion. Coordinating breath with movement, we will create a powerful heat in the body that cleanses, detoxifies, and strengthens, while calming the mind.

 SUNDAY CHURCH OF REGGAE YOGA - Adam Tree and Melissa Officinalis (Victoria)

 The Sunday Church of Reggae Yoga aims to infuse a sweet gentle yoga flow class with heart opening wisdom and reggae soul music, spun by a live DJ. The realization most high, of the One Love People, so rich in roots reggae, is also a deep, fundamental component of an authentic yoga practice. Having fun, being real, rockin out and coming together to offer our practice to all beings are some key elements of the class.

CONTACT IMPROV DANCE - Manuel Roche (Victoria)


Contact Improvisation Dance is a free of form non linear dance exploration, partnered or in solo and inspires body awareness, weight sharing-boundaries, gravity, momentum, meditation, genuineness, elements of surprise, living awkwardness. A Playful, refreshing and creative workshop that will ignite your desire for deeper connection on the dance floor.



SOUL OF THE SLACK LINE - Melissa Heffernan (Sundre)

Slacklining is an aerobic and dynamic activity that involves a thin strand of webbing (1 inch wide) that is dynamic with about 10% stretch.  It is generally strung between two solid points, ideally trees, and one is meant to walk and balance on the lines and feel the flow and balance of the energy awaiting dormant in the line and all-too available in the human body.  It encourages focus, control, and balance while encouraging freedom of expression and style.

We will set up some different slacklines at different heights and facilitate the instruction and practice of slacklining.  We intend to set the lines up in a low traffic area and will facilitate 2 workshops each day over two days (Saturday and Sunday) for about 1 hour/workshop. The lines will be left up for people to practice in their own time and space.

STILL MOON YIN YOGA - Ashleigh Burnes (Victoria)

 Yin Yoga is a deep, slow and transformational practice for your body and mind. Also known as yoga for the joints, we relax into the asanas for anywhere from 3-10 minutes, allowing you the time and space to to go beyond the superficial skin and muscles and awaken the connective tissues, bones and fascia. A container is created for you to slow down, go inwards and consciously disconnect from the busyness of the outside world. Through stillness, breath, sound and intention we will begin to gently unravel the body. My curiosity and love for life has lead me down different streams of inquiry including Continuum movement, Contact dance, Meditation, and Sound & Vibration. I am certified in Hatha, Yin and Prenatal Yoga and for many years I managed and co owned Village Yoga in Steveston. My classes are an organic weave of fluid movement, meditative stillness, playful exploration and deep inquiry. My intention is to create a grounded and sacred container for you to come home into your body, listen to it's subtle sensations, quiet whispers and authentic impulses Here and Now, opening to your infinite potential.


INFUSION THERAPY THROUGH PARTNER MASSAGE - Stan Kachuik & Jasmyn Steinke (Calgary)

 Infusion Therapy is a multi-cultural blend of massage styles that teaches people massage-based movement patterns. This is a fun and easy way to relearn our first language of touch. The massage techniques explored through this class are meant to expand our syntax of relating to one another. The class is offered in such a way that you can easily practice what you have learnt at home and on a daily basis if you wish. This is a partnered class and is done fully clothed on a yoga mat or blanket Side effects include: empathic social-ability, may lead to a social revolution of community living.



 We will go on a powerful shamanic journey using our breath and the ancient healing vibrations of gong, didgeridoos, singing bowls and chimes to deeply release anything that stops us from creating a life fully in balance with our calling. We will understand what it means to be a shaman, how to shift our own realty and how to call on higher, wiser sources to bring us into the power which is rightfully ours. We will let go of old ties and renew our commitment to be spiritual warriors, loving and raising the energy of this planet.

MEDITATION - Adrian Uddhava (Lethbridge)

 This core of this workshop will be a 30 minute silent meditation. There will be  20 minutes beforehand to give basic meditation instruction and to give a brief outline of the meditation. Community is an integral part of group meditation success, so this time would allow participants to introduce themselves and set intentions for their meditation. Then, the 10 minutes afterward will be used for grounding and reconnecting to our bodies, with space for a participant comments and feedback.



A spiritual or psychological practice centered on connecting with the Divine Feminine, discovered through movement, reflection and exploration of ancient, archetypal gestures, the chakras and creative expression. Explore movements found in belly dance, traditional womens' dances, and rituals. 


ACRO YOGA - Surya (Calgary)

Surya will be facilitating level 1 and 2 of Acro Yoga. He will be focusing on basics of basing and flying and theraputics. Level 2 will be for the more advanced, flying and basing. This is your chance to yoga with the spirit of playfulness please come with a open heart and mind.

 HULA HOOP WORKSHOP - Jams (Calgary)

Exploring movement and dance within the hoop! Learn some basic hoop dance moves and get comfortable with the rhythm of movement. Hoops will be provided!



MEDICINAL AND EDIBLE PLANT WALK - Patrick Kooyman & Keith (Calgary)

Join us as we explore the festival grounds of Inshala, discovering native medicinal and edible plants of the area. This is a wonderful opportunity to deepen your connection with the land we gather upon. Take healing and survival into your own hands by learning how to harvest and prepare the leaves, roots, and berries of many long revered plants. Also find out which ones might make a tasty treat & which ones are not recommended to eat! Learn about the ethics of wildcrafting - a way to harvest that is respectful and sustainable, for both the land and the plants themselves. Learn to listen, communicate, and maybe even talk to plants!


 Permaculture Basics:  In this seminar we cover the permaculture ethics and principles, as well as all of the wonderful things you can integrate into permaculture systems.  This seminar would be a taster of all the best things about Permaculture and give a basic understanding of Permaculture Techniques.  Global Buckets, Vermipods and upside down tomato planters created from waste stream materials will be given out.

Intro to Cob: This seminar will give participants a basic understanding of the material as well as what can be done with it.  We will review the materials involved, basic project ideas and cover design aspects.  If desired, participants can create their own project design under guidance of the facilitator.



Come join as we learn the basics of fermentation, focussing on wild yeast that surround us constantly.  Engaging in the history, health and spriritual aspects of these micro-organisms that we are infinetly connected to, we will witness the the alchemy of merging the elements in our enviroment to build a healthy, vital and live food that we thrive on. Understanding at a new level that the unity of the enviroment inside and outside of our bodies, we see how communities and cultures around the world are built upon these ferments, bringing us closer to eachother and the enviroment surrounding us. My goal is for each one of you to leave feeling able and inspired to go home an ferment, to leave behind any fear that may be blocking or stopping us from merging deeper with the enviroments within and without us!



A new breed of transformational festivals has evolved into a potent phenomenon playing a profound role in hundreds of thousands of lives. TEDx presenter Jeet-Kei Leung illuminates this emergent culture with a holistic understanding of these richly co-created realities that has been praised for its eloquence and lucidity

GALAXY CLASS ( - Elfmaster (Vancouver)

 Galaxy Class is a yearly multimedia review of new and interesting discoveries in astronomy, with a focus on galaxies and the Big Picture. The goal of the talk is to help bring a greater appreciation for the majesty of the Cosmos, and to build a scientific basis for adopting a Galactic World Paradigm. We’ll learn about some of the more mysterious phenomenon found in outer space, and find a better awareness of the Earth’s place in our galactic neighborhood.




I teach the traditional art of making dream catchers the Mohawk way as was taught to me by a mohawk elder in Ontario. These beautiful dream catchers are made with willow hoops and one crystal bead in the centre.



Our higher Self is ever present. It is waiting silently to be revealed. Such inner states as peace, love and compassion are aspects of our natural way of being. It is the "illusionary", yet very persistent ego states which are clouding this natural radiance. In this presentation and workshop, you will receive a roadmap which can assist in working through the seemly endlessly complex and entangled world of spirituality and consciousness. it is not to fill your mind with a vast amount of spiritual "knowledge", but offer you tools to remove the clouds which keep your inner sun from shining.

Professionally educated and practicing as a Physical Therapist (BScPT), I  moved out of the profession and started my own business called Bolli Imports twelve years ago. Over the last six years i have spend considerable time and effort healing the effects of a unhealthy childhood through personal development, spiritual work, and consciousness expansion. I have practiced as a certified life coach for almost three years, with my coaching business called Next Level Coaching.


SACRED ECONOMICS - Matt Catley (Calgary)

 Come and share in the creation of a new collective story; one aimed at building a beautiful future based upon a (r)evolutionary economic model that encourages community, love, cooperation, conservation, and quality of life over the presently destructive agreements which are devastating our home planet.

Money as it exists today is the very antithesis of the sacred. Collectively we have weaved a story that empowers money’s growth to unheard of levels and stockpiles it into the hands of a few, all the while feeding a giant that violates fundamental natural laws. It is in complete dissonance with our loving instincts when internal impulses toward generosity are dissipated by the thought, “I can’t afford to”. Is it possible to re-define our agreements about money so as to better connect our gifts with our needs – to bring this tool into resonance with our hearts?

There is no doubt that the insatiable greed of money is destroying the Earth as we empty the oceans, clear-cut the forests, strip the soil, and wipe out species all in the name of profit. Fortunately, the money system as we have known it is breaking down. Inspired by the work of Charles Eisenstein, we will explore the collectively evolving paradigms as we shift from separation to connection, the forces driving the present collapse, the new money solutions being created to embody the emerging stories, and how we can individually and collectively contribute to it.

The current crises gift us a beautiful window to re-connect with one another, to build a sense of community, and to co-create a loving world that gives every human being the opportunity to fully explore their gifts.


ACKNOWLEDGEMENT HOUR (DROP IN) - Corinne Cornish and Rob Sinclair (Calgary)

Wake up Saturday morning and after breakfast, drop into The ARC for a quick clearing and acknowledgement, 5 min max/person, between 10:15-11:15m.  This is a great way to start your day and the festival ... trust us! 

Corinne and Rob recently hosted a Sacred Commerce tour in AB & BC and would like to share this goodness with you one-on-one.  First come first serve! 

As a Spiritual Teacher and Wholistic Therapist, Corinne Cornish guides those re-awakening to their expanding consciousness through their own inner pathways of Self. With great respect, she communicates with Energies that have woven themselves into the fabric individuals' Life patterns, to bring awareness, insight and transformation.  Corinne is formally trained as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master, Reconnective Healing Practitioner and has a Bachelor of Education. Her private practice is The Inner Realms at

Rob Sinclair is the founder of the Calgary based sustainability strategy organization, Conscious Brands™, and believes that “how you do anything is how you do everything” and uses this as a guiding principle in his life. Rob's passion for business has found him in the pioneering phase of many new and exciting industries. He uses his wealth of experience to help businesses grow and thrive in the new economy by showing them the inherent value of working within the context of economic, human and natural capital -


CHANNELING VOICE ( - Amy Thiessen (Calgary)

This is a 2 part workshop that looks at the dynamics of voice as a point of expression but also as an inner guidance from within.  

“I would argue there is a difference between signing and finding your voice.  Bob Dylan does not have a nice singing voice.... but he has found his voice.  It is this understanding of one’s unique voice that lends it’s presence and power through expression. As we better understand our inner voice our ability to cultivate the voice we share increases... over time it refines and develops nuances beautiful and characteristic of our unique individual being. 

This workshop is geared at better understanding ourselves our rhythm and authenticity to unlock the voice within and to share that voice through song or creative expression.”
We play with various themes in this workshop in an organic manner that flows with the group within a basic platform to best utilize the time available.

What to expect?  
* Singing as prayer - When we sing from a place of devotion, or love the ego has less hold and the music can start to flow from the heart.  The song may be a mantra or in english but the point is that the intention is heartfelt and authentic
* To communicate with the group and share ( as you wish ) about fears, ideas, challenges etc. Internal investigation ….To write/ to contemplate.  ….Opportunity to share ….Possibility for movement or breath practices to move deeper into the body and heart

Please bring an open mind,  journal, or perhaps a song/ poem to share,
Willingness to sing “badly” in other words.... it is okay if what comes out in the writing or through the voice isn’t the best thing ever... in fact that’s good.  We learn form our willingness to try something and to let it not be pretty right away... like any practice voice takes times to nurture and uncover

I feel really blessed to share these things with you, these practices come from my heart and years of practice and study.

GODDESS CIRCLE - Kari Thompson (Calgary)

Being part of a dedicated group of women, and hosting and attending many Goddess Circles, I strongly believe that Women need to come together to connect, and go deeper within themselves, each other, and nature. Through some connecting activities, singing and sharing we will realize how powerful we can be in our feminine energy and how we can support each other every day. I hope to inspire women to honor themselves, to not take things too seriously and keep ourselves light hearted and laugh through the hard times. Other topics touched on will include, friendships, sexuality, health, letting go and believing in ourselves and each other. My intention is to bring you into the present moment and send you off feeling beautiful and supported.



Touring the human ecology from the ARC to the IllumaSphere, we will hear about the work of each artist and community organization at the Inshala 5 festival, what they offer in our grass roots neighbourhood, and how we can get involved in the post-festival world space.

DRUMMING WORKSHOP - Trevor Nugent-Smith (Calgary)

In this one hour “playshop” Trevor will guide you through the basics of playing the West African Djembe drum with some simple and fun rhythm patterns.  We will build upon a strong foundation all the way up to a high-energy groove, layering in polyrhythmic parts and co-creating together!  Once we have some vocabulary to work with, it will slowly open up to a more spontaneous “jam” where we learn to let go and play from our hearts and soul.

- Some Drums supplied, but bring your own if you have one and any other fun percussive instruments!  


KIDS DANCE PLAYSHOP - Jenna Jade w/Beatfarmer (Salt Spring Island)

This playshop is an intentional dance workshop for children, focusing on an environmental story, "Magical Earth Secrets," by Canadian author Della Burford. We will read the story and dance the part of the young mythical eaglechild as she/he discovers ways to help the environment and gain back his/her power and spirit. Part of the workshop will be to create wings for the children and afterward I would like to set up at the kids station for 2 hours with fabric, accessories, needles, thread... to enhance wings and costumes.

Open to all ages, directed towards younger beings!

In the mossy bluffs of Lasqueti Island is where I create my dreams with my husband, our children, our chickens, our cats, our guinea pigs, and our community.  Sometimes my ideas blow off into the wind like a silk scarf for someone else to catch, but this workshop, combining rainbows, dance, environmental issues, sewing, mythical eagle children... I caught hold of and am opening up to Inshala5.


KIDS YOGA - Deana Lee (Calgary)

Come and play with us!  We will make animals with our bodies, play with our breath, sing, connect with our bodies, nature and our friends around us.  Join us for a kids yoga class.  All ages welcome.  Just bring an open mind and a playful attitude. Deana is a mother of two young children and a yoga instructor.  She is looking foward to sharing her love of yoga with the kids at Inshala.  She regularly leads yoga clases from children to adult at various locations around the city of Calgary.


KIDS PAINTING - Melanie Ashmead (Calgary)

Come let your creative juices flow and put paint to paper to create your own Master Piece, may it be a small piece or a large Mural. Paper and painting supplies will be provided all you need to bring is you imagination and a parent!