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Welcome to Inshala 11 :: T r a n s f o r m ! ::


Inshala is a transformational festival held in the great outdoors of Southern Alberta. As a co-created gathering, people from communities near and far come together to share their insights, talents, and passions with each other. After a successful 10 years of gathering, and since taking last year off, many have called this gathering into form.


We welcome the theme in Year 11: ‘Transform’.


Inshala is a multi-generational event where all ages are welcome. Please join us August 16th­–19th 2019 in Southern Alberta, upon the land where we have gathered since 2010. Through collaborations and our shared co-existence at Inshala, may we truly inspire each other to live our dreams awake. As we gather, we make time for timelessness.



We are continuously changing in every aspect of our being. We change in form, in appearance, and in character. At the cellular level, our cells are continually renewing. Nature changes with the seasons of Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. We become transformed. This year’s theme invites us to be real, to be authentic, to be present, and to be in acceptance for where we are at in Life, and to celebrate that. Inshala is a venue that supports all of us.


Four-Year Series

Inshala, too, is transforming. This year is a point of transition for the next five years. In Spring 2020, we will launch our four-year series: coinciding with the seasons, gathering every 16 months, and completing in 2024.


The Music

A big part of Inshala is our love and passion for music and dance. We take pride in full spectrum sound, with talented music artists. Our line up is carefully crafted to give all attendees a diverse and inspiring experience.


The Conference

The Conference offers a variety of experiences from Speakers, to Movement Workshops, and to Art Explorations. There will also be a Kids’ Zone (Imaginala) and Playgrounds, Artisan Market, Art Installations, Fire Spinners, and a walking Labyrinth. Our evenings will be filled with soothing sounds, groovy beats, and inspiring performers for all ages to enjoy at two dynamic stages.



As Inshala grows each year, we require more and more volunteers. We would not be able to run the event without generous people who are willing to dive in and help out. By volunteering at Inshala, you can also have a portion of your ticket reimbursed upon completion of duties. Reimbursement will vary depending on time contributed.


May we meet under the Sun and Stars,

In the Prairie Forest, and

In the Heart and Joy of all of us!


Intentional Inshala Disclaimer:

Inshala is a family orientated event, which rests upon a foundation of self-accountability and collective empowerment. Any irresponsible activities will not be welcomed, and the organizers reserve the right to refuse or revoke admission to anyone who chooses to disrespect this unified vision.

No alcohol, drugs, weapons and NO DOGS are permitted on the property. Inshala event staff reserve the right to conduct reasonable searches of all vehicles and personal belongings prior to entry. Inshala also reserves the right to refuse admission or to remove individuals who are not in compliance of applicable laws and regulations.

Note that Children 12yrs and under are free, as well as 65yrs and older, with registration on the Inshala page.