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 June 11-13, 2010
Inshala III
Gathering the Tribes: An Ever Evolving Experience

Inshala represents gathering community, celebrating Southern Alberta's Land, and making time for timelessness. In the past two years of Inshala, they have been retreat like settings. I remember last year, some used the term of Pilgrimage.

This year, with much growth, evolution and expansion, we take it to the outdoors, within the Coulees, upon the trees and near the Old Man river that floats through. This land is in the coulees of Fort Macleod area.

Many people have come from many places for Inshala. From B.C, Alberta and some in Saskatchewan, we gathered to share, express and experience. With Inshala III, I welcome the communities to share more of what we all are. For example, in Lethbridge, throughout the warm seasons, every Saturday people would gather to drum and fire-spin. Sometimes there would be ten people while the next week could be 200. These gatherings became our medicine; these gatherings became our celebration.

Each community hosts their own ways to celebrate, share and integrate within life's flow. We welcome all ages as even the little ones have much to teach us. With many coming from Vancouver, Victoria, Nelson, Medicine Hat, Lethbridge, High River, Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatchewan and Montana, I wish to welcome those to share their gifts. This will be done through workshops, through music sets, through setting up camps, through open mic's, through vending goods and services. When we gather, and we're open, we continually evolve.