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With a full spectrum of inspired workshops in the Conference and an incredible Music line-up, we welcome you to join in on the celebration as we enter into Inshala's  "Seventh Generation"

 KALYA SCINTILLA (Merkaba Music - Australia/USA) MERKABA (Zenon Records - Blue Mountains Australia) THE HUMAN EXPERIENCE (USA) THE CATS PAJAMAS (USA) FREAK MOTIF (CANADA) BEATFARMER (lasqueti island) OLAF STUUT (Amsterdam, Netherlands) AtYyA (Nelson) GOOPSTEPPA (Nelson) JAZZ LIB COLLECTIVE with REBECCA DAWN (Calgary) HEIDROGEN (Vancouver) DJ NILS (Vancouver) KHAN (Victoria) URSA (Calgary) NOKTURNAL (Calgary) PARAVOID (Montana) ILLUMINATE (Calgary) DODD (Victoria) ENTELECHY (Victoria) EMILIO GAGLIARDI (Edmonton) LITTLE FIERY ONE (Vancouver) TINY TOQUE (Calgary) TOTELESCOPE (Calgary) GLYPH & ROJAS (Calgary) DAITYA (Calgary) KYLEE DAWN (Calgary) ILLEMENTREE (Calgary) JAY MICHAEL (Calgary)

 ELFMASTER (Vancouver) SNAILPAINTER (Calgary) HEIDROGEN (Vancouver) 

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