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COME AS YOU ARE - Artist Details

VJ ELFMASTER (Vancouver)

 VJ Elfmaster has been lighting up the dance floor at electronic  music events & festivals since 2005. His photonic wizardry is a masterful fusion of galactic vistas, colourful kaleidoscopes & dancing monkeys. His hand-crafted elvish uploads are enhanced with real astrophotography, beat-matched visual effects, and plenty of custom magic to coax his computers into rendering new forms of visual art. The result is an eye-popping synesthesia experience that aims to enlighten the mind, delight the eyes, and elevate the vibe. Strap on your goggles, because the lightship is ready for lift-off.


Shaun FreeZen (Calgary)

 Existing somewhere between a digital yogi and Dr. Frankenstein at work, Shaun encourages your imaginal cells to come alive with his bio-mimetic technology infused organic geometric drawing practice.

A new media production artist, VJ, and award winning animator, in 2012 Shaun has already contributed his unique work to a handful of events: presenting his eDrum, homebrew Pure Data, interactive new media piece "Write a New Story" at Pixelmash, crafting a wide format psy-portal stage installation at Behind Blue Eyes, surviving and thriving during his first Live Visual Media set at Random Rab, as well as sampling and mixing live internet streams in collaboration with snailpainter at Bloom III. As 2012 flows into the Inshala 5 festival, Shaun will revisit his Digital Union body of work, building a new Live Visual Media piece seamlessly integrated with his existing geodesic dome artwork, and upgrading the IllumaSphere stage to the next level.       

Shaun has a fine art degree from ACAD in digital technology (with distinction) and has designed media support campaigns for epic visionary pillars, including Alex Grey, Deepak Chopra, Douglas Rushkoff, and Reverend Billy and the Stop Shopping Gospel Choir.



A self-taught visual artist working with photography, design, animation and video, Kaely has created several short films and regularly collaborates with local and international musicians to create live interactive audio/video performance installations.

Utilizing footage shot around the world and sampling our vast cultural heritage of time-based visula media, Kaely constructs evolving visual compositions which react to and envisage the shape, texture, contrast, and colours of the music they accompany.



Art is a tool for transformation, on both a personal and planetary level.  We can use the arts to express our realities, promote and reflect social change, and connect more deeply with ourselves, each other, and the Earth.  From the Lascaux cave paintings, to the Egyptian hieroglyphics, to current-day infographics, it has ever been the role of the arts to preserve and promote knowledge.

My works are designed based on the belief that what we hold in our minds eventually happens.  In my art, I work with visions of a harmonious, ecologically thriving world and Awakened states of being, in the hope that viewers of my work will joyfully manifest these states of being in their own lives.  A truly open Internet makes it possible to share creative inspiration with vast numbers of people through the arts, and to that end I tag my own with links to the information that inspires it.
I work primarily in the digital medium. After drawing concepts in my sketchbooks and dreamjournals, I fully realize those concepts using an electronic drawing pad and digital ink.

I draw inspiration from a variety of related subjects, including meditation & Yoga, martial artistry, lucid dreaming, comparative mythology, culture jamming, and permaculture. Through these practices, I find the empowered center where creativity surges. Hare Om."



Growing up in British Columbia, Canada, Simon developed strong foundations in visual arts, music and an affinity with nature. In 1999 he attended a Fine Arts program at UCC in Kamloops and soon discovered that he would rather travel, and learn more on his own. This led Simon to various parts of Central and South America. In 2004 he gravitated towards painting as a full-time endeavor. As a mostly self-taught artist, Simon has explored various mediums, and subjects, with a strong influence in spiritual themes. After some time touring in art shows and festivals with a group of similarly themed artists, Simon decided to further his skills in Digital Design, graduating from Vancouver Film School in 2007. He currently works out of his studio as a freelance artist, while continuing to explore an ever-expanding palette of creative endeavors. Simon’s art continues to be shown in various public and private galleries throughout the world.



Brian Batista is a man of many skills and talents—, an arranger of things, a painter, sculptor, performer, media artist, mentor, teacher, animator, entrepreneur and magic man. He uses his powers for good...... like a true Jedi. Brian currently has an active studio practice in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. His upcoming show Divine Inspiration, a collection of Vedic deities will be on exhibition at the Stride Gallery in October 2012. Brian graduated from the Alberta College of Art and Design with a BFA with distinction, was the recipient of a Board of Governors award and the the 2001 Valedictorian. He is co-founded (CUFF) the Calgary Underground Film Festival and an active member of the Calgary arts Community. He currently teaches animation at the Quickdraw Animation Society and the Alberta College of Art and Design. Batista exhibited in the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts show 7 by 7: Rising talents at the Stride Gallery in 2009. Had a solo exhibition of "Saced Images" at the Untitled Arts Society. He will be showing a selection of sacred images in 2013 in the Epcor Centre for Performing Arts windows. He is currently on exhibit at the Motion Gallery in Eau Claire Market (near the Sumo lounge).



Isaac Mills is a digital painter and designer from the east coast of Canada. He chose the moniker "Mugwort' to embody his intention as an artist. Mugwort artemisia is a sacred tool used by ancients for lucid dreaming and astral projection, and much of his art blossoms from scattered sensory recollections of his own dreams. He seeks to strengthen the flow between the gateway of the dreaming and waking worlds, to open imaginal portals for the viewers and to guide them to an internal temple of inspiration and awakening. Much of his work is thematically centred around a paradigm shift that he sees happening around him in the world, and portrays archetypal forces, ancestral depths, evolution and shamanic symbolism. Visually synthesizing windows into both the bygone industrial era and a multitude of potential future realities, he anticipates the brink of time. His art has been displayed at galleries and festivals in Canada, the US and Europe.



Vincent “Vinicello” Domazet is a visionary artist. His pieces show a thoughtful use of digital photography and a willingness to explore what he would call mystical experiences to gain new insight and new ideas. His work shows a bold colour palette with a myriad of subtle details that awaken as your mind opens to each piece. The work gently urges you to pause and connect with the concepts.

Already featured in several private collections, Vince's work has been shown at several private buying events along with exposure at several large-scale music festivals. Most notably is Shambhala; a 12000 person music mecca which takes place every August in BC. His pieces have also been commissioned as part of the Lucid Lotus collection for their design work at the 4th annual Astral Harvest festival in Northern Alberta, taking place in July of 2011. Most recently, Vincent was featured as part of a gallery showing showcasing him and several other visionary artists from around N.A.

His visionary approach to art first came into play years before when Vincent was a dj. When listening to music, images would start forming in his mind, but at the time, he had no way to express these ideas. “3-1/2 years ago, a very personal and introspective experience changed something and my talent appeared within a couple weeks of that.” It led to a huge departure from his static business and corporate background. It truly was a life-changing experience for him.

Transforming the ideas from computer screen to many different mediums has been an exciting time of exploration for Vincent. Working with sheet metal, tile, acrylic, canvas among many others takes the creative visions to new dimensions with which to interact with the audience and to communicate many different feelings and moods. It separates him from a field of fleeting digital dabblers and has allowed his work to show alongside more traditional artists and to extend his reach to a much broader audience.



Alex is a Montreal raised artist, who first was inspired by graffiti culture in the city. In high school, he developed skills with spray paints and markers on the street as part of the hip hop culture. Later on, he attended art school in montreal where he improved his techniques and earned some knowledge on the world of art. Inspired by psychedelic and spiritual movements, he moved out west in 2009 to attend his first season of summer festivals on the west coast of canada. Fascinated by the community and inspired by the beauty on western canada's natural world, he developed new styles. In the winter of 2009-2010, he put on his first art exhibition in victoria with the help of some friends on the coast. In 2010, he toured the festival circuit with the calgary based "Water's Alkarythm" group focusing on water conciousness. In the winter of 2010-2011, after participating in stage creation of the winter soulstice gathering in Calgary, he helped organise intentional full moon gatherings in Nelson(BC), focusing on visual art, healing foods, music and ceremony, and gave birth to the Glyphic Visions art collective with Mokii.

In the following summer he participated in artistic and musical creations in the summer festivals on the west coast (Inshala, Entheos, Diversity, Shambhala) aiming to return the inspiration he received from these gatherings. He now presents a collection of art pieces, inspired by the streets and the organic elements of nature. He focuses on sending positive vibrations through his art pieces, honouring the hip-hop culture and the power of the natural world that gave birth to it all.


SHAN ZO (Calgary)

Shannon Sembo, also known as Shan Zo, is a visual artist from Calgary, Alberta, Canada with inspiration stemming from music, nature, and experience. Shan Zo’s chosen mediums reflect the message of her art and by nature are always changing. As a main focus, her art intends to take the viewer on a journey through her visual interpretation of music. The overall message of her art is one of continuous evolution; ever forward and always learning through personal experience and connections with others. Her visual journey is propelled and enhanced by the community of conscious individuals through which it is received.

Shan Zo is a self-taught artist who has been experimenting with visual manipulation for the past four years. A mixed media artist with roots in black ink sketches and line work, Shannon’s work also includes; paint on canvas and wood, wood burning, the digital generation of images through live visuals, and the use of natural mediums in a collaborative project called The Butterfly Quest. Also a member of the BassBus arts collective, Shannon supports the group both directly in the planning and executing of events and within the artistic realm. Shannon has displayed her art both on the walls inside the bus in addition to live music and art events. Shannon has also performed live painting and visual orchestration for BassBus music showcases and continues to contribute when imagery and inspiration are needed. Shan Zo’s work can also be seen decorating the inside of the BassBus, as she was one of a handful of people responsible for burning the decorative imagery into the cedar. Most of her work can be seen at



Justin Guse (Totemical) continues to grow in the northcoast of North America in Vancouver, BC. Utilizing digital creative software since the age of 12, Justin has found himself blurring the lines between the material and the virtual as well as the scientific and the spiritual. His precision offers viewers of his work insight into the depth and complexity of nature, but his vision carries us beyond known realms.
"I try to dedicate myself to the digital medium. I'm really obsessed with using technology as creative tools, Manipulating Light directly with energy .. Plus new innovative software and tools are being created every year, almost to the point of augmentation. Which is really exciting, the fact that one day we may be able to directly stream our creative consciousness through the use of micro / nano technology."



This global arts initiative and art card deck celebrates the spirit of the inspired imagination. Exploring creativity at the heart of the human, here is a media stream sharing an ecology of worlds, entities, beings, landscapes and experiences from a more-than-human world. Crossing over times and places, this is a thread that weaves through the collective history of all human cultures, linking together interconnected art genres including fantastic art, indigenous art, fantasy art, spiritual art, shamanic art, visionary art, entheo art, magical realism, imaginal realism, and surrealism. Featuring over 100 artists from 40 countries on all 7 continents, this world crystal reflects facets of an artistic impulse that includes all places on the planet.